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Please See Our Heating Problems & Solutions Section Listed below for tips on trouble shooting your furnace.

Please see our "Troubleshooting Heating Problems" page for suggestions on how to troubleshoot ignitor and flame sensor problems. We also have a section on how to make your ignitor last longer.

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Problem: Your furnace will not ignite the gas to produce heat for your home. When a furnace has a bad ignitor what I see most of the time is the following sequence of operation: 

1. Thermostat calls for heat.

2. Draft inducer motor starts.

3. Pressure switch attached by a small plastic or rubber tube senses the negative pressure produced by the draft inducer and closes.

4. Draft inducer runs for 30 seconds to a minute before you hear a gas hissing sound. The ignitor did not glow, the flame sensor (a small metal probe about 1/8" in diameter, with a white porcelain base) does not sense the flame, so after 8 to 10 seconds the hissing sounds stops with no ignition of gas to heat your home. Your furnace shuts down and goes into a lock out condition until you turn your power switch back off and on again. 

Solution: Sorry, but you need to purchase and install a new ignitor.


Below we have pictures of Ignitors that many York furnaces have installed in them, with an opportunity for you to purchase.

Below is a scanned picture of various Ignitor Ceramic Block Styles & Terminal Block Styles. 


We will call the terminal block pictured above Letter "E"

IG102 Round Spiral Ignitor

Sale Price Only $26.00

My supplier gave us a better price on the IG102 ignitors, so I wanted to pass the savings on to you! You will find the IG102 ignitor on many York furnaces and many other manufacturer's furnaces. This ignitor replaces York part numbers: 025-32626-000, 373-05342-700, and 473-12509-001. This ignitor has a terminal block, "E." Please click the "Add to Cart" button below to purchase. Please note that all the ignitors we sell are factory tested and have some burning, discoloration on the filament. Thank You!


Round Hot Surface Ignitor IG102

 Price $26.00

Introducing the IG1100 Universal Ignitor!

This Universal Ignitor replaces 73 different types of ignitors!

Below we have pictures of the IG1100 with an opportunity for you to purchase. The Supco IG1100 replaces the older IG1000 universal ignitor kit. The IG1100 comes with two universal mounting brackets and two heat resistant wire nuts.


Above picture of IG1100 box:              Above picture of IG1100 with brackets and wire nuts:


Supco IG1100 Universal Round Hot Surface Furnace Ignitor  

Price $35.00

Please see the thumb nail pictures  below that show installation instructions and all the ignitors the IG1100 will replace!

Ig1000 installation instructions.jpg (77037 bytes)                  Ig1000 reference chart.jpg (100331 bytes)

Above Installation Instructions:   Above cross reference chart:

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